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Assembly Instructions

With the purchase of our black lights, you have invested in one of the world’s finest “illumination tools.”

CAUTION: Please use caution with black lights.  Black lights should never be directed toward the eyes.  There can be damage to the eye from directed exposure.

LIGHT ASSEMBLY:  Normally the light assembly is never dismantled.  These are LED lights – not the usual florescent or incandescent bulbs one might be accustomed. 

BATTERY ASSEMBLY:  The flashlights take either AA or AAA batteries depending upon which flashlight is purchased.  The carriage assembly will accept 3 batteries; two go in one direction and one in the opposite direction.  You can determine which direction by looking at the springs in the assembly.  The negative (-) end of the battery goes against the spring (negative end of a battery is the flat side of the battery.)


The positive (+) end of the battery goes against the inside of the flat portion of the carriage assembly. 






Finally the entire battery carriage assembly will have a flat side:


and a side with metal bubble.  You can see this metal bubble in the picture below.


Sometimes there is a “+” and a “–“ on the assembly, but not always.  Place the battery assembly, with the batteries in it, in the tube of the flashlight.  Make sure that you place the metal bubble (or “+”) toward the LED light.

We hope that these instructions help.  If you have any questions, feel free to call the phone number above. is a subsidiary of Amberica West (

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