14 LED Light
4W Florescent Light
Mini Metal 1 LED
1 LED Thumb LIght
1 LED Metal Light
11 LED Light
12 LED 380 nM
14 LED 365 nM
68 LED Light
28 LED Light
1W LED (Bright)
101 LED Light
Blood Tracker
The Torch
UV Headlamp
The Defender
Black Light Cam
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Instructions for purchase orders.

Yes, we accept purchase orders. Your purchase order must be from the company making the purchase. Send the purchase orders via company email to sales@blacklightsusa.com.

We will set up an account and send you out the black lights.


Thank you,

Doug Lundberg


Postage for many of your black lights will be chosen by you. You determine the actual cost and method for shipping. All prices are in U.S. dollars. We will get your black light(s) to you as soon as possible (usually mailed the same day or at worst, the next day). For any questions, please contact us at


Our emails are sent immediately, so if you don't receive it, it is likely caught in a spam filter. You will receive another email when your order ships which will contain the shipping information.

You can pay 3 ways, either by credit card (located on each page as the 'buy now' button), a personal check, or purchase order. If you want to use a personal check, determine the postage by pretending to make a credit card purchase. When you do so, it will give you options and prices. That way you will know how much to add for postage. Our address is Blacklightsusa.com, 15270 Pleasant View Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921, USA.

When you purchase from us, you will note that the credit card page goes to our sister company, Amberica West, where the credit card purchase will show "Amberica West" as the merchant. Our phone number is 719-646-1393.

Finally, if you feel more comfortable, feel free to call us at 719-646-1393 (this is in the United States). Our fax number is 719-258-9602.

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