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What a program! - earn money and do nothing but provide a link.


Join BlackLights USA Affiliates Program: Link your website to ours and watch us both GROW!


We have set up what is called "Progam Affiliates". Bottom line is, you sign up and provide the link to
this web site and any purchases that are made - you get 15% of the total! The money you earn will
be sent out on a one or two month basis depending upon the number of referrals that come from
your site. You do not have to sell anything, nor work for us nor go out of your way - except to provide
a link to this site! When someone uses that link (the link you provided) and purchases items - you get 15% of their purchase. It really is that easy.


Please note that in the html code there is a spot for your assinged ID (username) so that we know
where to 'pay the money'.












For large scale orders, please inquire at

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